CBD Strawberry Feminized Marijuana Seeds

CBD Strawberry Feminized Marijuana Seeds is a high CBD all-female strain. This sativa-dominant cannabis strain with 15 percent CBD and 1 percent THC. This strain is focused, hungry, and relaxing, ideal for the relief of insomnia, arthritis, seizures, stress, and anxiety in the most natural way.

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More About CBD Strawberry (1:15)

Fruity Flavor Tasty Medicinal Cannabis

Almost all marijuana experts would easily know about CBD Strawberry because of its fruity fragrance and tasty flavors. CBD Strawberry rapidly eases chronic pain and enhances the quality to provide a night of better sleep. It also frees the mind due to the effects of anxiety, depression, stress, and even bipolar disorder.

CBD Strawberry is an excellent strain that just required a little skill to raise; this hybrid as feminized seeds is highly advisable to try for beginners to grow. This cannabis strain is not just rich in health benefits, but it is also considered as a beginner-friendly plant to cultivate. CBD Strawberry has a high germination rate that also has a quick flowering period that only lasts seven up to 9 weeks.

Most importantly, this plant can produce up to 400 grams of gluey resinous buds when collected in both indoor and outdoor setups. Different from most other variants, CBD Strawberry develops a long and pink pistil, unlike the usual orange-colored pistols. It is also considered as the great plant to grow because the plant itself is able to survive under an unfriendly weather condition, and it is highly susceptible to different kinds of molds and mildew.


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