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More About Skunk x NL

A Stellar Indica Dominant Hybrid

Northern Light is a frontrunner in the race for the ultimate cannabis. Another strain that would give it a run for its money would be Skunk. When these two are combined, they form a super strain that would make for a malodorous hybrid with high-yielding capabilities and enjoyable highs. Smoking this weed will not let you get overwhelmed with sensory experiences, but it will still give you a good time. This crowd favorite is a people pleaser, and beginners are lured in with this weed.

Thanks to its subtle high, this strain is a good late afternoon toke or an early evening weed to smoke. The long-lasting effects make it so that you can enjoy this weed even during the late hours of the evening and still soaked in its 17% THC content. This high-yielding plant would need some experience to grow as it will entail a lot of work from the cultivator to use the Sea of Green technique to induce produce that goes beyond limits.


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