Purple Kush x Mazar Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Purple Kush x Mazar Feminized Marijuana Seeds is a pure indica cannabis strain with high yields. It is an average-sized plant only 140 cm tall but can produce up to 600 grams per plant outdoors and up to 500 grams per square meter indoors. This strain is euphoric, relaxing, and sleepy with earthy, berry, herbal, spicy, and pine flavors.

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More About Purple Kush x Mazar (fem)

An Exceptional Earthy Pure Indica Strain

Purple Kush x Mazar is a pure Indica strain with an astonishing high and a soothing body high. This legendary strain has made rounds all over different cities in the world and has captivated millions of users. This versatile strain aims to provide relaxation with its decent 19% THC content and offer more health benefits with its CBD content as well. The mix of these cannabinoids allowed the strain to be rather tame instead of the smorgasbord of effects.

This earthy, woody flavored strain propels the user’s mind to a state of overwhelming happiness. Once the mind is wrapped in a blanket of bliss, any negative thoughts or emotions are driven away. The muscle-relaxing properties slowly knead its way deep into the muscles easing and loosening tight knots. As soon as this effect takes place, a severe hunger churns the stomach; thus, users are advised to have food prepared.

Indicas typically grow in a cooler environment; however, its versatility is unrivaled by many other strains. This weed, however, loves to be exposed in the sunshine.


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