Orange Bud Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Orange Bud Feminized Marijuana Seeds is a pure indica cannabis strain with early flowering traits. It is an energetic, euphoric, and relaxing strain that can ease anxiety, stress, depression, and migraines. It has citrus, flowery, orange, and skunk flavors that you’ll surely enjoy. It is a strain for beginners as it can grow in almost all climates, from temperate to sunny environments.

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More About Orange Bud (fem)

Zesty Strain With Moderate THC Content

Orange Bud is an Indica dominant strain that originated from the Skunk family. This bud might not have the highest THC volume as some of its cousins in the family, but what it truly delivers is the flavor. The citrus lemon zesty taste of this weed hits the back of the throat, and the smoke leaves behind an earthy aftertaste. This experience alone makes toking this weed an enjoyable one.

Users can still feel the mental kick from this weed. Having an 18% THC level is still moderately high and can become overwhelming when taken at a much faster rate. Moderation is still key to consuming this weed as side effects such as dry mouth can happen. Nevertheless, a mental and physical high is bound to surface once you reach a certain point, and it bursts into a state of relaxation, sending you to sleep.

This zesty plant is currently available as feminized seeds, which helps cultivators produce female plants. This should allow for a bountiful yield come harvest around late October.


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