Moonrise Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Moonrise marijuana strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that gives a long-lasting head high accompanied by a stimulating body buzz. Coming from a cross of the Sativa-inspired Moonshine Haze and the Double Purple Doja, many have mistaken this for an Indica strain as the bodily effects from this weed seem more pronounced than the mental stimulation but not to the point that it promotes a couch-locking effect. But the reality is, this is a 70% Sativa and 30% Indica bud. With a THC content that averages at 23% and CBD not going higher than 1%, expect a potent physical and mental high that most recreational and medical cannabis practitioners will enjoy.

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Moonrise Feminized Strain Specifications

Type: Sativa-dominant
Genetics Parents: Moonshine Haze x Double Purple Doja
Flowering Period: 9 – 10 weeks
Climate: Warm and Sunny
Yield: Average
Flavors: Skunky, Citrus, Grapefruit, Herbal, Earthy
THC Level: 23%
CBD Level: 1%
Height: Short
Harvest Period: end of October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Moonrise Feminized?

Moonrise cannabis strain effects have a gentle come-on and not overbearing as other cannabis strains would be. But with THC content that can reach up to 23%, expect an intense stoner high from this weed! It starts with a head rush that slowly builds up, giving the user a euphoric stimulation while their moods are suddenly enhanced. This instantly makes the user feel good as they feel very motivated and display an aura of positivity within them. A jolt of energy will have the user up on his toes and looking for tasks to accomplish. As the cerebral effects level off, an intense feeling of relaxation will have the users feeling calm as their bodies and minds are soothed. Limbs and muscles start to loosen leaving the users in a tranquil state yet very aware of their surroundings as their minds are still alert and their bodies are still mobile.

This strain has been a popular choice for many hard-core users as it is pungently skunky and earthy. Probably because of its pureness and natural aroma, long-time users have found this weed to be delightfully great smelling. Not all though agree to this as it takes years before one can get used to the skunkiness of cannabis! What gives justice to the pleasantness of its scent are hints of fruity and floral aromas that blend. A pronounced citrus scent will be noticeable in the background. As soon as this weed is lit and smoke passes through the user’s taste buds, they will understand why this weed is well-loved! A strong citrus flavor dominates the profile with hints of earthiness and fruity notes. The inhale is smooth and not cough-inducing thus it makes for a very smooth smoke!

What are the Medical Benefits of Moonrise Feminized?

Moonrise weed strains are often prescribed by medical cannabis doctors to a patient suffering from chronic stress, depression, PTSD, and anxiety. This weed can block the mind away from all those traumatic memories and cynicism that prevails in the patient’s minds. It provides the user a sense of upliftment and euphoria that promotes positivity within the user. Gone are those horrible thoughts that continue to hound the user day in and day out. The boost of energy this weed provides is a great option to those who are suffering from severe fatigue as it brings back that lost vigor and adds that extra hop in the step of the user making them want to be continuously performing their assigned tasks for the day.

Those who suffer from back pains, chronic pains, joint inflammation, and muscle spasms can find relief by consuming this stain, as its sedating and analgesic properties provide a numbing effect to the patient, offering them a chance to be in a pain-free state for quite some time.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Moonrise Feminized

It is natural to experience dehydration when consuming any cannabis strain. The same goes with Moonrise weed strain, as dehydration normally leads to cottonmouth and drying of the eyes. Cottonmouth can be addressed by taking in hydrating fluids during and after the smoke to lessen the effects of dehydration. This weed also causes dry eyes which can be easily remedied by applying a few drops of moisturizing eye drops to ease the irritation.

How to Grow Moonrise Feminized?

Moonrise feminized cannabis is easy to grow, They can be cultivated indoors or outdoors and prefer a warm and sunny environment. Since they are short-statured plants, there is a need to prune some of their branches and leaves to allow air to properly circulate within the plant and let light into the center of the plant for an even and healthier growth. Keeping the humidity levels below 50% when this weed will start to flower will prevent excess moisture from building up in its buds thus preventing possible bud rot. These plants will start to flower in 9 to 10 weeks and yield an average output of high-quality Moonrise buds!


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