Kosher Kush x Tangerine Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Kosher Kush x Tangie Feminized Marijuana Seeds is a balanced hybrid strain with good yields despite its small and compact size. It can produce up to 700 grams per plant outdoors and up to 600 grams per square meter indoors. This is an energetic, euphoric, focused, happy, and relaxing strain with citrus, earthy, mango, and pungent strain.

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More About Kosher Kush x Tangerine (fem)

Two Worlds Collide To Create A Balanced Strain

Kosher Kush’s ability to mass-produce this Indica heavy strain is further enhanced by Tangerine’s attributes. Kosher Kush x Tangerine is a well-balanced strain that improves Kosher Kush’s bland taste and adds a bit of citrus kick to its flavor profile while also injecting a more aromatic fragrance to the buds. This led to the development of a potent strain that contains around 21% THC volume. With such content, this can only mean that this balanced strain can produce a more pronounced high than most other strains.

This weed also balances out mental and body high. It starts with a burst of happiness after the flavors sink into your mouth. The mental clarity is more pronounced and energizes the rest of the body. This is when the pleasing and soothing sensations overtake the entire body, and it becomes a couch-locking experience. The high levels of THC also mean that this weed has high medical value. Any physical conditions relating to pain and discomfort are addressed once the effects take place.


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