Girl Scout Cookies x Jack Herer Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Girl Scout Cookies x Jack Herer Feminized Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with very high THC at 26 percent. This is why this strain is very calming, energetic, relaxing, and euphoric with citrus, earthy, lemon, spicy, pine, woody, and sweet strain. You can use this delicious train for anxiety, arthritis, fatigue, stress, migraines, and depression.

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More About Girl Scout Cookies x Jack Herer (fem)

The One To Watch Out For

One of the many things that marijuana is known for is its versatility when it comes to breeds. One strain can be developed and bred with another to produce different types of profiles that are highly valuable for certain communities. Some marijuana strains lean towards a very flavorful profile, while others remain dank yet highly therapeutic. By combining different strains such as Girl Scout Cookies and Jack Herer, one can only imagine the power it holds.

Clocking at around 28% THC content, this very potent weed is the one to watch out for. Its flavor profile can be traced to its Girl Scout Cookies lineage, where the savory sweetness remains very prominent. However, it is the Sativa dominant Jack Herer that promises to leave users for a good time. The uplifting high is both therapeutic and enjoyable, thus making this one of the best strains to be created.

Girl Scout Cookies x Jack Herer’s Indica lineage plays a big role in its cultivation process. This medium-sized plant can reach up to several feet high, meaning this would be much better grown outdoors where sufficient sunlight and warmth are key to its overall success.


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