Critical Bilbo Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Critical Bilbo Feminized Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with faster flowering and very high yields. This hybrid is very tall, growing from 200 to 300 cm high, and can produce from 1500 to 1900 grams per plant outdoors. It is an energetic, focused, euphoric, and talkative strain with berry, sweet, honey, and tobacco flavors.

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More About Critical Bilbo (fem)

The Hidden Underrated Gem

With thousands of different strains created, bred, and crossbred all over the world, there will always be a few obscure ones. Critical Bilbo is one of the few strains that remain hidden in the mainstream market and is an underrated class of hybrid. As a phenotype of Critical Mass, this Indica dominant strain infuses an energetic high to its users.

The satisfying mix of honey and sweet berry with hints of herbal earthiness is what makes this weed a cut above the rest. There are not a lot of strains in the market that caters to both the physical and mental effects to its users. Within a few puffs, the strong mood-changing effect takes place, and a euphoric and energetic high becomes palpable. The invigorated mind signals the body to keep up; thus, a potentially overwhelming body high soon follows.

Clocking at around 22% THC level, this weed’s strong medical potential also encapsulates why it is a real contender against many mainstream cannabis strains.


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