Chocolope x Candy Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Chocolope x Candy Feminized Marijuana Seeds is a sativa-dominant all-female cannabis strain with high THC at 19 percent. This is a calming, euphoric, happy, and relaxing strain with delectable chocolate, pungent, coffee, and sweet flavors that will instantly fill your senses. This is a beginner strain, and it requires a temperate to sunny growing climates.

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More About Chocolope x Candy (fem)

A Perfectly Combined Strain Filled With Chocolate Goodness

Chocolope is known for its earthy chocolate taste with hints of fruitiness in its flavor; meanwhile, the sweet smell and taste of Candy allows it to be one of the most endearing and well-beloved strains of all time. Combine these two, and you get an amazing strain filled with flavors and an unforgettable high.

This weed retains most of its parents’ flavor profile. The distinct chocolate scent and flavor fuses perfectly with the sweetness of the other. As a Sativa leaning strain, the high mental hits right in the head and sustains it satisfyingly. Users are not caught blindsided with an overwhelming high knowing that it has around 15% to 20% THC volume. As soon as the cerebral effects take place, extreme relaxation is just a few more tokes away from becoming a reality.

Grown in the drier regions of the world, this Sativa loves to be placed under the warm, gracious sunlight where it can thrive and prosper. Any sudden change in the weather and climate would only mean doom for this plant.


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