Black Water Purple OG Cheese Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Black Water Purple OG Cheese Feminized Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain that will produce all-female plants. This is a high THC strain up to 18 percent and can produce high yields up to 600 grams per plant outdoors. This is a happy, relaxing, sleepy, and euphoric strain with cheese, earthy, woody, and pine-flavored buds.

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More About Black Water Purple OG Cheese

A Strain that Punches But Easy to Grow

Produced from three powerful strains Cheese, Purple OG Kush, and Black Water strain, Black Water Purple OG Cheese Feminized is mostly Indica cross marijuana strain. These cheery origins are fairly strong, ideal for novices, and are extremely firm strains, because of that their features are viewed from their potent sprout.

The triad of Indica lineage goes easily in standard plant canopies and cupboards. It also generates firm twigs and stalks that can support its huge budding sections without some assistance. Since it wears a leafy structure, though, it requires regular pruning, or undesirable parts will consume a great amount of strength that can rather be utilized in swelling the buds. Additionally, making so enhances ventilation and avoids dampness accumulation.

It will be set for reaping in October after flowering in merely 55 to 70 days. Outdoor, your weeds can flourish nearly 12 ounces of good crops per weed. Indoor harvests can start from 12 to 20 ounces/m2 of growing space.


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