Yoda OG Fem Fast Version Marijuana Seeds

Yoda OG Fem Fast Flowering Strain is a potent Indica-dominant hybrid of a three-way cross of Lemon Thai, Old World Paki Kush, and Chemdawg strain. This cannabis strain has an insanely high THC content reaching around 18-28% that boasts a potent mix of physical and mental high. It has light green and short gray shade hairs and can produce an average amount of yield. Yoda OG Fem Fast Flowering strain may be a small plant in size, but its potency can keep you glued to your sofa for a long time.

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Yoda OG Fem Fast Flowering Strain Specifications

Type: Indica-dominant
Genetics Parents: Old World Paki Kush, Lemon Thai, Chemdawg
Flowering Period: 8-9 Weeks
Climate: Mediterranean
Yield: 500 grams/m2
Flavors: Sweet, Pine, Woody, Citrus, Earthy
THC Level: 13-28%
CBD Level: 0.5-1%
Height: Medium
Harvest Period: early-October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavors and Effects of Yoda OG Fem Fast Flowering Strain?

Yoda OG Fem Fast Flowering has heavy citrus and earthy flavor with pine and diesel undertones in terms of taste. The effect of this cannabis strain is potent, sedating physical high with mood uplift. When the euphoria settles in, a head buzz will put some pressure on its user’s temple, instantly lift the user’s mood, and have a more optimistic day. A warm fuzzy feeling will begin to creep into the user’s body almost simultaneously with this high, bringing a state of profound relaxation. As the body is lulling into a deeper state of tranquility, joints and muscles will begin to loosen. Couch lock may soon take hold. It can last for hours, and as the pleasure fades, a deep desire to sleep takes over, resulting in a soothing and restful deep sleep for the user.

What are the Medical Benefits of Yoda OG Fem Fast Flowering Strain?

Yoda OG Fem Fast Flowering Strains sedating properties can treat various pains and aches. This cannabis strain has made a big name for itself in the medical marijuana industry, and it is a common strain for medical consumption. Medical marijuana patients with joint inflammation, chronic pain, and other physical ailments may use this strain to treat these ailments. The numbing and anti-inflammatory properties of this strain make it a safe alternative for treating recurring body pains. Yoda OG Fem Fast Flowering strain is also known for its sleep-inducing properties, making it an effective cure for sleeping disorders or insomnia.

Negative Effect You Can Expect From Yoda Fem Fast Flowering Strain

Yoda OG Fem Fast Flowering Strain, like any other potent marijuana strain, may have some unpleasant adverse effects that users must be aware of. Dry eyes and cottonmouth are two inevitable side effects of every marijuana strain. The results can be alleviated by keeping yourself well-hydrated and by using moisturizing eye drops. Yoda OG Fem Fast Flowering strain is quite potent, so large consumption can worsen the side effects such as increased anxiety and paranoia. However, remain calm and don’t be concerned; these emotions can fade as the effects wear off.

How To Grow Yoda Fem Fast Flowering Seeds?

There isn’t much knowledge from the grower on what setup is best used in growing this strain, but what is known is that Yoda OG Fem Fast Flowering Strain can thrive both outdoors and indoors environment and can produce lots of yields. This cannabis strain can yield around 500 grams of fresh buds per sq meters, a robust product. When grown outdoors, the Yoda OG Fem Fast Flowering Strain is ready to be harvested within nine weeks from germinations and the ideal month for harvesting is in early October.


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