Harlequin Kimbo Kush Fast Version CBD Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Harlequin Kimbo Kush Fast Version CBD Feminized Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with high CBD levels at 10 percent and only 10 percent THC. It is a high-yielder and blooms early in just 6 to 8 weeks. This is a calming, uplifting, relaxing, and happy strain with citrus, earthy, and lemon flavors.

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More About CBD Harlequin Kimbo Kush 

Excellent Fast Version Cannabis

These cannabis plants started from an auto version of seeds approximately have similar development rates in the vegetative stage. Once it begins to flower, look out for the blast of flower development. In about 6 weeks, you can already harvest the buds that can supply up to 400 grams of yield per square meter. In a cozy climate, the manufacture could hold out 500 grams per plant. In the geographical region, chop down is feasible by late September. Expect the flowering time after 6 to 7 weeks.

The Fragrance and Flavor of the Kush genetics stay on in this high-CBD strain. From the moment the pre-flowers become visible, it already starts to release a fragrant scent with the classic earthy odor comparable with the Afghani. Including a zesty twist is the lemony, citrusy note courtesy of Harlequin. The auto CBD Harlequin Kimbo Kush version is a health-giving strain. Although the fast flowering phase, expect it will give you a lavish yield of cannabis buds that contain 6 to 12 percent CBD and THC. It does not suit the motives of many pleased consumers.

It should be, there is always room for enhancement and more strains in the ever-changing cannabis merchandise. Homegrown Cannabis Co decided to make a health-giving, fast-maturing version of Shishkaberry. To create this possible, Candida, a high-CBD diversity with lower than 1% THC content and an undisclosed ruderalis were added into the genetic mix. Instead of geniture an auto flower but, the new variant is a photoperiod that finishes flowering quicker. Furthermore, its cannabinoid profile brags of a 1:2 CBD to THC ratio, giving its buds 10-20% CBD/THC levels.

3 reviews for Harlequin Kimbo Kush Fast Version CBD Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Tom R

    The best thing about Harlequin Kimbo is that true to its name, it lets you experience harvest season in just 6-7 weeks! All the seeds that I bought in bulk grew up like race cars which can’t wait for the finish line! I will surely buy more of this. My customers will surely be happy that I got more of this this time.

  2. Barry Goldwin

    I didn’t expect this to grow as fast as 5 weeks. I mean the description said it’s 6, but yeah, it great at 5 going 6 weeks though. Regardless, my point is if you are a grower and if you are looking for a strain that grows fast and can guarantee healthy and lavish buds, and flowers quicker, this is what you are looking for. I am giving this 5 stars!

  3. Jenny May

    Wow! This strain is completely amazing! It’s good for indoor growing, even though with just a minimal effort it gave me a lot of buds, although it gave produces a lot more when grown outside, i didn’t regret growing it indoors. The sativa-dominance and its high CBD makes me clear my head and ease my pain away.

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