Facebook and Instagram are down right now



Facebook and Instagram down!” For sure a lot of people – business men, professionals, or everyone who use it regularly are panicking or perhaps afraid of what will happen next. What if Facebook and Instagram will be gone for good?

Facebook and Instagram have been good avenues for marketing anything on the internet including marijuana seeds. With the recent downtime of both sites, it will surely affect a lot of online businesses which use both sites for their marketing schemes.

Users worldwide of the two giant social media both on the web and mobile apps have experienced a downtime around 1:10 AM Eastern Time. However, WhatsApp which is a Facebook-owned mobile messaging service is running just fine.

The last time Facebook went down was last September 2014 and there were no reasons presented by Facebook at why it was down for 15 minutes.


What will be the effects of these downtime to the marijuana seed business?

This will affect those whose focus is on social media marketing but not a big crippling effect provider for the big players who do not lay their eggs on a single basket like Crop King Seeds. We have a lot of other marketing strategies that we use other than social media marketing but we can’t deny the fact that it’s going to affect our sales.

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