Dry Extraction in Your Cannabis: How is it Done?

dry ice extraction

A lot of people make hash out of water or ice method but there’s a downside to it. It’s termed as dry ice extraction but you will collect wet slurry that needs drying for a couple of days. To avoid doing other necessary steps, you need to apply dry ice extraction.

There’s a lot of advantages when you practice. You can easily and quickly make a hash. Dry ice allows the taste and flavor to remain as advised by hashish connoisseurs. So it grants your wish to have high-quality hash. It’s a reason that can inspire you as it’s worth all the time and effort.

How Does Dry Ice Extraction Work

Dry ice is also called CO2 or carbon dioxide and it is non-flammable. You can purchase it from your local pharmacies or online shops. Your order will be delivered in a polystyrene container as it needs to be in a cool container to survive the shipment that happens overnight.

The usual temperature of dry ice is -78 degrees Celsius. You have to use protective gear like thick gloves and goggles as it can cause serious damage to your skin. Be attentive to what kind of gloves you’ll use. You can’t expect the one made of latex can provide enough protection. The ones that you use for oven or a similar type is the most suitable choice.

When you put dry ice and weed in a bucket and shake it, the resin glands in the buds get frozen. They become brittle so the leaves and buds can be torn apart easily. The trichomes can be gathered by the hash collection bag. Hash bags don’t only work on water or ice hash but with dry ice too. They can be bought online in a set of various sizes.

As you can see, dry ice extraction is way easier than other methods as you don’t have to go through the drying process. The time is lessened and you can collect the outcome and enjoy it.

Dry ice enhances the taste of hash. Connoisseurs love the deep and rich taste and they believe that the other methods degrade the terpenes and flavor of the buds. When using dry ice, low temperature is used so it won’t degrade the full flavor of hash. You’re missing something great if you haven’t tried using dry ice in making hash.

Making Hash Through Dry Ice Extraction

Hash is the result of collecting resin glands from marijuana plants. The non-compressed version is called kief and it can be smoked or vaped. When it is compressed, it turns into shiny and sticky hash balls. The color of the hash will depend on its purity. It can appear as light brown.

Sizes of Hash Bag

73 – It works best at catching resin without a single bit of plant material. You will only collect the golden, potent substance.

160 – You will be able to get a mid-grade product with some green stuff. The quality is not similar to 73 but it’s considered a great result too.

220 – This size will let you draw out almost everything except for the stems and leaves. It will let you have more plant matter compared to the other sizes but it’s lesser than the actual flowers.

The product smells like a concentrated form of weed. You may or not skip this size When you prefer to do the extraction only once, choose size 160.

Prepare the Necessary Things:

Ground or shredded Weed (buds or leaves)

A sanitized, 5-gallon bucket

Some hash bags, pollen bags, or bubble bags

Dry ice for extraction (2 to 3 pounds or 2 kg)

A scraping for collecting resin glands from bags

Protective gear: heavy-duty oven gloves, safety glasses, and clothes with long sleeves

A flat surface for shaking the bags

A working place that is well ventilated


  1. Use a clean bucket where you place the trimmed buds and leaves. Place the dry ice plus the hash bags in the same bucket. Shake them together.
  2. The buds quickly cool down with the dry ice. The sticky resin gland also freezes. The low temperature converts trichomes into gas-like and brittle form.
  3. The mechanical shaking extracts the trichomes then you can collect the hash bags filled with resin glands when you turn the bucket upside down.
  4. Place the hash bags on a flat surface and scraped them. To ensure that you have collected all the bits. Repeat the process as necessary.
  5. You may add ice dry pellets if you want too. You can make your hash in different forms like making it into balls or making the texture loose or powdery kief.

Safety Tips in Handling Dry Ice

  1. It’s a must to work in a well-ventilated area for your safety. Dry ice can turn into carbon dioxide at once. Even though you’re using a little of it, it’s threatening. You should know your lungs take in oxygen then you have carbon dioxide with you. When you’re in a closed room, you can lose a lot of oxygen.

It can instantly cause your skin or eye damage when not handled with care. Some hash fanatics would ask assistance from experts when doing the process of dry ice extraction.

  1. Never place dry ice in an airtight container as you will regret it. When it’s being covered, the container is pressurized so it eventually shoot off or the worst part is an explosion.
  2. It’s a big ‘NO’ to hold the dry ice with your bare hands and that’s why you need a reliable pair of gloves. The warmest temperature is -190.3 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s not lethal but you don’t want to experience freezing burn.
  3. Disposal of dry age also requires caution even it’s done without effort. Throwing it into your toilet bowl or sink would freeze the water pipes. All you need to do is leave it in a ventilated area to evaporate into a gas.


Dry ice extraction is the easiest and fastest way of hash production. This way would let you collect every bit of trichomes. You will also love its rich flavor. It’s something that you should worth trying.

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