Does Smoking Weed Make You Lose Weight?

does smoking weed make you lose weight

Regardless if you or not smoked marijuana, you are probably acquainted with the munchies, that overwhelming urge to chow down all the snacks after burning weed.

But some users assert that aside from making them eat a little when smoking marijuana, it also helps them lose a few pounds. Using weed may be linked with reduced body weight. However, it isn’t as simple and easy as it seems. 

Here’s a preview of what we know and don’t know with the connection between smoking marijuana and weight loss. The frequently asked question of “does smoking weed make you lose weight” will also be discussed. Keep reading!

THCV, The Cannabinoid that Curbs the Appetite

Tetrahydrocannabivarin is the cannabinoid that helps you manage your body weight. The element is similar in framework to the THC and creates some modest hallucinogenic effects, too. However, it has an extremely intriguing adverse effect: the capability to function as appetite suppressing.

Most cannabis Sativa strains are abundant with THCV. Durban Poison has comparatively little cannabinoid amounts, while more challenging to find weed strains like Doug’s Varin and Pineapple Purps have higher THCV quantities. Suppose you want to know more about THC because of its capability to control blood sugar and curb appetite, it is best to consult with your cannabis consultant at your local infirmary. They can conduct laboratory testing results on Sativa varieties to choose the one that contains the highest THCV amount.

Does the Research Connect Weed to Burning Calories?

Much of the news circulating smoking marijuana for weight reduction is from the 2011 research of the two investigations. The authors finalized that the number of obesity was more significant among people who claimed not taking marijuana compared to the number among those who consumed marijuana for at least three days weekly. 

A few days earlier, those results were released, research reviewing the link among marijuana and overweight in young adults made the same conclusions. More recently, a meta-analysis of the link among marijuana usage and BMI or body mass index displayed that marijuana users had substantially reduced BMIs and overweight rates but a higher calorie consumption.

What’s the Underlying Reason for Those Study Findings?

Given the image of smoking weed, delivering the munchies, it’s like unreasonable to some users that marijuana could help you slim down. Considering the formerly discussed study and different pieces of unofficial data, researchers have some hypotheses regarding why marijuana could be useful at shedding off a few kilos.

It can reduce your stress and anxiety

Anyone who has experienced a stressful moment in their life probably has full knowledge of stress eating. It’s scientifically substantiated that consumers have a more substantial possibility of searching for comfort foods and overeating when stressed.

Marijuana helps with this by reducing or eliminating stress and anxiety. It is generally accepted that weed can lower stress. Two methods help with weight reduction. Some consumers may prefer to smoke weed rather than stress eating, so they do not devour extra calories. Others may resort to marijuana as an extra activity to alleviate pain and inflammation and lower their anxiety and stress, so they feel a little need to overeat.

It can improve mobility

For most people, being obese is from an absence of motion. They might be in excruciating pain that makes them impossible to move conveniently, or they might have limited motion because of joint constraint. Smoking weed helps alleviate the ache as well as constraints.

In simple terms, weed eliminates the major hindrance for some that avoid them from becoming active. It makes sense That when you’re more mobile and productive, you will cut weight because of the increase in burning calories.

It may improve metabolism

There is little proof that marijuana works with cannabinoid receptor 1, responsible for food consumption and digestion. It shows that eating higher amounts of marijuana can effectively help decrease energy storage and boost metabolism, which binds to reduce BMI.

It helps some people to cut down on alcohol

Some research thinks that young adults who take weed end up consuming fewer beverages than their fellows. Alcohol is loaded with zero calories, hence smoking cannabis instead of alcohol use leads to lower caloric consumption, which results in mass loss and reduced BMI. If you are consuming edibles rather than smoking marijuana, you will constitute this calories difference.

It may promote better sleep

Sleep and fat burning are connected. Experts approve that Sleeping can lead to gaining extra weight. Mix this with t former proof that marijuana helps combat insomnia, and people have more sleep, which decreases the threat of getting overweight.

Besides studies that show marijuana helps with sleeplessness, it also aids people to conquer sleep issues because of stress or pain that keeps them awake. The ultimate result is similar to smoking weed that can lead to more rest that helps burn fats.

What about ‘Munchies’?

The study about cannabis and weight loss took many people by surprise due to the long-standing connection between weed and significant snacks.

Recent research found a boost in fattening foods sales, which the experts substantially defined as ice cream, chips, and cookies in the US states where cannabis is now authorized.

How can consumers be devouring more and shedding a few kilos whole smoking marijuana? Experts are still trying to determine the particulars. However, a balance-sheet among two primary cannabinoids in cannabis might deliver some information.

The THC, the psychedelic element that creates marijuana “high,” has found out to cause munchies. It is why people now and then use marijuana as an appetite booster.

On the contrary, the CBD seems to neutralize specific THC effects such as appetite stimulant and mood-boosting effects. 

What’s the Deal?

At one glance, the study might recommend that smoking marijuana is an ideal option to lose weight. However, no proof taking cannabis right away causes someone to get rid of a few pounds.

It might add indirectly by assisting with specific problems, including severe pain and inadequate sleep, that can constitute increased body mass. Taking marijuana also isn’t without dangers, mainly if you’re smoking it.

As reported by the American Lung Association, weed smoke has numerous similar toxins, irritants, and cancer-triggering agents, including tobacco smoke. Since marijuana smokers breathe more strongly and hold the fumes a little longer, they are susceptible to more tar per inhale than cigar smokers.

After some time, smoking marijuana injures your lungs and inhalation, decreases respiratory function, and heightens your danger for lung inflammation and, worse, lung cancer. Also, it weakens the immune defense, which hinders the body’s ability to combat diseases and ailments.

Then there is the whole question of addiction and abuse. About 30% of users are experiencing cannabis use disorder, based on the latest information. Young adults are at higher risk, especially those who take weed below 18 years of age. 

Final Thoughts – Does Smoking Weed Make You Lose Weight?

Smoking weed might indirectly help lose weight by improving your metabolism, alleviating stress and anxiety, promoting sleep, encouraging motion, and lowering alcohol use.

Although smoking weed has potential health effects, you shouldn’t depend on its weight reduction method. It is essential to understand that if you’re smoking marijuana and taking some other techniques to slim down, the weed may effectively support your efforts.

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