Discontinued Marijuana Seeds

What Is DiscontinuedCrop King Seeds carries high quality marijuana seeds that come in regular, autoflowering, feminized, CBD and dwarf strains. We make sure that all of the strains included in our lineup are of high quality by following our quality standards. If the strain is of mediocre or low quality, then it won’t make it to our line-up.

You might have noticed that we have some strains that are discontinued. It doesn’t mean that they are low quality.

We stopped selling most of our regular strains that didn’t reach our sales target. We need to get rid of them for 1 main reason: SALES.

Most of our customers are home growers who like growing feminized and autoflowering strains as they are easier to cultivate and won’t have any male plants on them. Our customers don’t like buying regular strains that have 50% males on them. Aside from that, they are not that easy to cultivate.

We might be adding them back in our line-up in the future, depending on the demand. We will also be continually introducing new strains. Our breeders are working around the clock to find strains that you will surely love.

Please contact us if you need help with an alternative strain to your favorite yet discontinued strain, and we would be very glad to help you.

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