Different Ways to Smoke Weed: Must-Try

different ways to smoke weed

With regards to cannabis utilization, the second significant thought after loving the cannabis itself is what delivery technique should be the best method to acquire the best of it. The points regarded can be taking cannabis through edibles, vaping, smoking, or what we called the three essential strategies, which are topical, inhalation, and oral. Yet, the focus on this paper is all about the different ways to smoke weed.

Picking up the various physical and psychological advantages from cannabis somehow relies on what method you are using to take it, all in. As then, here are some of the following ways on how to smoke weed. Prepare your cannabis and yourself as you will be dealing with the different ways that will highly entice you.

The Different Ways to Smoke Weed

The different ways to smoke weed garners the inspiration that you can resort to a new way if you feel tired utilizing cannabis out from a single method. Perhaps, you may want to try another method but it somehow involves smoking at some point. Well, congratulations! Encountering this paper will lead you to the different paths on what to take when you target the idea of different ways to smoke weed.


  • You may think this is some kind of crazy idea, but then it isn’t. Apple pipes are the type of way that is fun yet helpful at the same time when smoking cannabis. As such, you can effectively change apple into some smoking device.
  • Apple pipe with the consideration that this is the apple, some segments of aluminum foil and pen are the things you only need to have.
  • Make sure that you are using a fresh apple that won’t fall from the time you are utilizing it as you will stick openings into it, so it needs to strongly hold up. The alternative things for a pen can be solid straws, pencils, or pen caps; however, these are not highly suggested.


  • Numerous individuals lean towards smoking cannabis using bongs since they can infuse you a quick hit of the high effect from the cannabis. In addition to the fact that bongs get you higher, it likewise easy to use for you will be sparing some time than rolling a joint.
  • The essential thing that the bong needs are the water, which can be a quite hassle thing as when you are out of the water, you can’t accessibly smoke from time to time. Another downfall of this bong is that the water can be spilled, which cuts your moment.
  • The good thing about bongs is that there is a wide range of materials they are made up of. Likewise, the designs do not limit one or two designs as there are several of them. Only then, your money would be the limit.


  • Bubbler resembles a blend between a bong and a pipe. As it were, it is sufficiently giving you the structure than can be taken anywhere, yet the work will drive you as high as you can experience from the bong.
  • Bubblers are normally out from glass that has some round chamber within the side or in the base part. Following a bong, you need water as the chamber part must be filled with water. The place to put the cannabis buds must be on the bowl part.
  • On the off chance that you are hoping to have a go with some device that is more convenient than the bong, then your best choice would be the bubbler.

Corn Husk

  • Cornhusk has gotten exceptionally a mainstream way among smokers that are so cognizant of their wellbeing. Within the people from California and Jamaica, corn husk is viewed as the all-natural alternative to rolling papers and different gadgets when smoking cannabis.
  • When the time that the corn husks are perfectly dried, it can be easily used to roll up and these have some fibrous, which means they can firmly hold the cannabis inside.
  • In case you are searching for a sound, fun, and imaginative approach to smoke cannabis put a checkmark on the corn husk.


  • As of today, G-pen is an extremely popular method when it comes to smoking cannabis. The essential format of the G-pen is like a vape pen.
  • G-pens are like sound like a vaporizer that is a simple one-hitter, which you can carry around as it is convenient to bring. You are just like smoking one of those bizarre electronic gadgets when you are outside.

Dab Rigs

  • Dab Rigs permit you to expend amazingly strong cannabis concentrates like budder, shatter, and honeycomb. This type of method utilizes a flash vaporization technique to process the concentrates.
  • To accomplish this, you need to utilize a lighter instead of a blowtorch. The favorable position through utilizing Dab Rig is they seemingly make you high compared to any other method.
  • Numerous individuals accepted the idea that utilizing dab rig (dabbing) is a more beneficial strategy for consuming cannabis as its fundamental rule doesn’t include combustion. A pure vapor will be gotten instead of the standard cannabis smoke.

Gravity Bongs

  • Within the term “gravity bongs”, this has been named for the procedure they use to create smoke. They are somehow called water bongs, even though they are something very similar.
  • A wide scope of open materials such as pumpkins, paint buckets, watermelons, and milk jugs the gravity bongs can be out of.

Hot Knives

  • The hot knife strategy is one of the most established known methods with the idea of smoking hash or cannabis. The things you only need are a couple of knives and a warming component.
  • If your warming component is a stove, then adjust the heat within the medium level and put the two knives within the burner. At the point when the blades of your knives are sufficiently hot, pierce it within the body of the cannabis bud then squeeze a little bit. Breathe in the cannabis when the smoke starts to show.

Hookah Pipes

  • The word “hookah” has gotten the meaning of “pipe” from the Urdu word, which is “hugger”. These sorts of smoking gadgets started within the walls of India, which it immediately spread over the Ottoman Empire then to Asia and Europe.
  • To perform this method, it requires you to have coals, water, aluminum foil, tongs, and of course, the hookah pipe. This method is likewise viable to hash cannabis. Simply make sure to deal with coals with enough care and to not pull on the mouthpiece so that the pipe won’t fall over.


  • If you have some spare filter paper or rolling papers, then you can immediately resort to smoking cannabis through a joint. The alternative paper could be the silk paper that wraps the cigarette.
  • The joint is somehow the rerouted way of standard cigarettes, despite that the ingredients being placed are cannabis and not those cigarette ingredients.


  • In all sorts of sizes and shapes, the pipe comes in that may find it hard to choose among the varieties of it. Wood, clay, metal, and glass are some of the structural materials this device is made up of. Additionally, this is advantageous to carry because can be placed in some corner of your bag.
  • To smoke cannabis well, the cannabis buds must be finely ground up before utilizing it. On the off chance that your pipe has some carb hole within on its side, try to cover it from the moment you lighted the cannabis buds and release it when you started to breathe in.

Plastic Lung

  • Plastic lungs are anything but difficult to make, yet will likewise get you very high. This plastic lung imitates a similar airflow like the bongs.
  • To make a plastic lung, it requires you to own aluminum foil, plastic bag, tape, 2l bottle, and scissors. The option for a 2l bottle could be a 4l container.

Rose Blunts

  • Rose blunts are not one of those generally discussed with regards to elective smoking techniques. However, numerous individuals guarantee that they are similarly as viable as any strategy for smoking cannabis.
  • To set up a rose blunt, three flower petals gotten from the rose must be prepared, and your working oven. Preheating the oven is the first thing to do, then once it was warm enough, but now the flower petals for around 10 seconds.
  • Once done, take out the petals sitting on the pan and lick it, and then wrap the fine cannabis buds to it. For another 10 seconds, place the lower petals with the cannabis buds on the oven then wait for it to finish. Now, you can start smoking it.

Soda Can

  • Soda can be one of the most loved methods when it comes to smoking cannabis. You just need to bend the soda can in half, prick a few holes that will serve as the openings, and then jab a carb hole within the inside part of it.
  • Place the cannabis weed within the crease then proceed by lighting it. The mouthpiece part of the can will also serve as the part where you can inhale the smoke from your cannabis.
  • Soda can work best as a smoking gadget, yet numerous individuals stress over the conceivable negative impacts due to heated aluminum plus the chemical on the can itself. On the other hand, a few people incline that caffeine and sugar molecules can be gotten.
  • There are no firm explanations about the views as of this moment, which then it is best if you take some precautions when your resorting device is the soda can.


  • Vaporizers have gotten the name of one of the most well-known approaches when smoking cannabis products. Oils, distillates, dry herbs, waxes, and any other forms of concentrates can be altered to vapor to perfectly smoke cannabis.
  • The flexible ability of the vaporizer does not only limit to bring you a beneficial option in contrast to purely smoking cannabis. These are more advantageous as only a low amount of carcinogens and toxins will be infused to you compared to purely smoking cannabis.
  • The best range within the temperature to utilize vaporizer must be at around 140 to 205 degrees Celsius or 258 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit; a quick tip for you. Additionally, you should be certain enough that the cannabis buds are finely ground.

Water Bottle

  • The method of using a water bottle as the key to smoke cannabis is just the same as using some 2l container. Likewise, you only need to prick some holes within any part of the bottle and cover the mouth part of the bottle with some aluminum foil.
  • Utilizing water bottle pipes can somehow be baffling as they need to be held at some certain degree point during utilization time. In that idea, be mindful so as not to unintentionally take your cannabis buds away from the bowl from the moment you started to light it up.


Cannabis is a true heavenly plant as it has awesome forces that ease various types of conditions. Anxiety, chronic pain, incrementing athletic execution and getting superb green magic calming conditions are just one of the things you can acquire. As then, the only thing you need to think of is how to acquire it or what method you should perform.

One major way on how to consume cannabis is to smoke it, and through this method, it also covers the content of the branching different ways to smoke weed. Lots and lots of smoking methods are being listed within this paper, for example, using a soda can, water bottle, rose petals, or the other means like a vaporizer, dab rigs, pipes, joints, and many more. Yet, one thing that this paper could bring to you is that your way will always be the right for you when you want to consume cannabis at its best. It should not come to a point of pure comparison as all methods bring unique circumstances. As then, enjoy and nurture the ideas on what are the different ways to smoke weed.

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