What to Expect in a CBD Therapy

cbd therapy

For the last hundred years, more or less, there has been a rapid increase in knowledge concerning the fundamentals of human health and how diseases work against it. “The time of biological evolution” is one of how people call this point of history. But some people may not include in this advancement in medicine the discovery of herbal medicines, one of which is medical cannabis. A cannabis plant produces possibly 200 compounds, but we’re going to focus our attention on Cannabidiol (CBD).

Medical CBD or CBD therapy has been gaining popularity in the public market and appears in different methods of administration. It can be in oils, sprays, bath bombs, patches, or tinctures.

What can CBD do?

Though indeed, years of the extensive research are still needed to make CBD a medicine officially, it has been tested through various, though small-scale, peer-reviewed research. It shows promising results and only needs a little more research from various countries on all continents.

CBD (and THC) has numerous benefits to our body because its molecular structure is similar to the molecular structure of endocannabinoids, chemicals that are naturally produced in our body. Our Endocannabinoids System is closely connected in managing our pain receptors and regulating the process of inflammation. Since CBD is similar to endocannabinoids, CBD therapy will highly benefit patients in chronic pains and inflammatory conditions.

But CBD not only affects pain and inflammation, but it also affects depression, anxiety, and stress effectively. And if you’re worried about the psychoactive effects of CBD, there isn’t. Unlike THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) that produces “high” effects, CBD only provides therapeutic benefits and even blocks the psychoactive effects of THC that may be included in the product you’re using.

Is CBD dangerous? 

Even though the World Health Organization (WHO) still does not recommend CBD for medical use, what’s clear is they admit that pure CBD does not cause any harm or any potential health risk. As already mentioned, CBD works perfectly with our body as if it’s naturally produced in us. This is good news for medical researchers since they don’t have to worry about risk as much as they have to with government support and funding.

But what we should be aware of are the things that may come with CBD products. That’s why WHO is careful to say the “pure CBD” is safe. Toxicologists tested nine cannabis e-liquids that claims to be 100% CBD extracts. Five of them include an addictive drug and synthetic cannabinoids that may cause psychosis, anxiety, and potentially, death.

One research also showed that only 31% of the 84 products tested have accurate labels. The others are either under labeled or over labeled. Vape liquids are the most inaccurate, and CBD oils are the most accurate. So consumers must be aware of buying CBD products.

The Benefits of CBD Therapy 

So what are we to expect in CBD therapy? Here’s a list of some of the benefits of CBD:

1. Acts as a pain reliever

With promising results, studies have identified that the cannabinoid elements of marijuana, particularly CBD and THC, are capable of reducing pain and providing analgesic effects. Our body has a particular and significant mechanism called the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which controls numerous components that affects sleep, appetite, inflammation, and other vital cell production. Our body, as mentioned, is a natural factory of endocannabinoids. Cannabinoids can help relieve painful symptoms by influencing the activity and production of endocannabinoids and how it reacts to our body, lowering and interfering pain reception.

2. Antidepressant and anti-anxiety properties

Mental health has been a hot topic for the last 50 years. Millions of patients have been dealing with symptoms of depression and anxiety that can result in catastrophic health and development issues, even suicide.

Psychiatric conditions are one of the most common conditions that need immediate treatment. They have a wide variety of symptoms such as tiredness, agitation, insomnia, hormonal imbalances, and other forms of emotional lability. CBD oil continues to show success in treating chronic depression and anxiety. Numerous trials have been conducted and show promisingly that people who are medicated with CBD oils better perform in their therapy with their psychiatrists.

3. Lessens risk concerning cancer-related conditions   

CBD can help alleviate cancer-related complications, and cancer-related side effects, such as nauseated feeling, recurring vomiting, and inflammations. Another study investigated the impact of CBD therapy (with and without THC) on patients with cancer-related problems who haven’t experienced prescription medication. Those treated with extracts of CBD, the study reported significant pain relief and lessening of symptoms in comparison to those receiving only THC extract. While many medications deal with cancer-related effects and symptoms, they are often unsuccessful. This is one of the reasons why trying out CBD therapy is a valid option.

4. Anti-Acne abilities

Acne is an increasing problem for both teens and adults, not only in America but almost in all continents.  This skin disease affects nine percent of the global population and is expected to grow. CBD products, and oil extracts, in particular, may help in reducing several forms of acne. This is because of the ability of Cannabidiol to adjust the body’s production of sebum, or the oily substance produced in our skin. And since CBD has its anti-inflammatory property, it prevents the worsening of the acne.


Consulting with your doctor or health provider is the best first step if you have any health condition. As provided in this article, CBD therapy provides a lot of benefits, but you have to be assisted and advised by your health provider before using any CBD therapy products. More research across the globe is necessary to further the evidence of CBD’s effectivity. But as of the moment, we can be sure that CBD is safe. What we only need to be aware of is how CBD is administered and the possible chemicals and elements that come with certain CBD products. Only buy CBD products from trusted and well-tested companies who rely heavily on laboratory testing. Overall, CBD therapy offers promising benefits to a wide range of patients.

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