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CBD Harlequin Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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CBD Harlequin Feminized Marijuana Seeds is a mostly-sativa cannabis strain with high CBD at 18 percent and only 0.6 percent THC. This is a short strain with high THC at 900 grams per plant outdoors and up to 550 grams per square meter indoors. This is a calming, focused, relaxing, and uplifting strain with earthy, mango, sweet, tropical, and woody flavors.

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More About CBD Harlequin (1:18)

Pleasant Aromatic Cannabis Strain

This CBD Harlequin has less than one percent THC and 18 percent CBD concentration. When It comes to the yield, you can gather at least 25 ounces per square meter indoors, and outdoor growers can expect 21 ounces or more for each plant on average.

The flowering period indoors lasts eight to nine weeks like and when kept outside; flowering begins around the middle of October. When growing CBD Harlequin indoors, it will need an average temperature: not too cool and just the right amount of warmth to help it flourish.

It’s a 75 percent Sativa strain that is produced by crossbreeding the original Harlequin parent with CBD OG Kush. It’s in demand for combating stress and anxiety-reducing properties. Users and growers love the pleasant aroma when smoked with a sweet fruity scent, giving relaxing effects. Growing this strain is best suited indoor grow setup and expect very dense buds, which was inherited from its CBD OG Kush parent.

2 reviews for CBD Harlequin Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for R. Gould

    R. Gould

    Best weed for anxiety that I’ve tried so far. There were no panic attacks, just a body high that helped me cope with the pain and offered a sweet calm. Hype that clears my mind and kills negative thoughts. Delicious MANGO! it also has a spicy flavor..I trim the extra leaves to have proper airflow, this lady gets thick during the growth process. I was advised that moisture must be maintained below 50% for this marijuana, and I tried my best to adhere to that, which resulted in an excellent harvest for quick flowering, indoor growth. I’m surprised at how satisfying it is to harvest my own. Looking forward to purchasing more seeds. Thanks a lot 🙂

  2. Avatar for Trent N.

    Trent N.

    This strain was mentioned by a friend that can ease pain, and I was hesitant to grow it at first. Fortunately, it worked a treat for me. I’m more comfortable, and joint pain has started to disappear. Since using this, I can go to work and just enjoy my life! It also boosts my mood, but not to an insane level. I had some trouble getting this plant into the flowering stage because I had never grown it before, but I finally got a good yield and a nice crop of sticky-ass nug that is a blast to burn. It fills my room with a tropical piney fragrance and a sweet mango flavor that delights my palate. Thumbs up! highly suggested..

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