Cannabis Trichomes: How Does it Affect Cannabis Plants?

cannabis trichomes

In the parts of the cannabis plant, the flowers are usually the center of attention by many cannabis connoisseurs; however, if you love cannabis generally, there are moments that you must have wonder what are those tiny white crystals coating your favorite buds and the leaves. Physically, it has an appearance of sticky and shiny looking crystals that possess aromatic nature. When you take a closer peek, these frosty substances are what we call cannabis trichomes.

In this article, we will understand more about cannabis trichomes, its importance to the cannabis plant, and how does it affect it with the use of this comprehensive guide. 

Cannabis Trichomes 

From the Greek word Tríchōma, the cannabis trichomes are where the originated, which literally translated to hair growth. When viewed using a magnifying glass, you will see that trichomes are very small hairs that resemble around a structure, and the tips are bulbous. They are usually located on the flowers of cannabis, the lower portion of stalks and the leaves as well.

It may seem that these cannabis trichomes do not have a purpose in the plants’ nature, but it actually serves as the main factories that develop cannabinoids, flavonoids, and hundreds of serene profiles which makes up the whole characteristics of cannabis that is unique, distinct and powerful.

You will begin to see cannabis trichomes when the plants begin the phase of flowering. This lasts up to the end of the thriving cycle of the plant and before harvesting the buds. You will notice that the appearance of cannabis trichomes will begin sprouting on the stalks, buds, and leaves of the plant after the buds will begin to grow. At this point, handling the cannabis plant must be in an extra manner since the most volatile period of cannabis trichomes is during the flowering stage. Cannabis trichomes are easily degraded when contacting through heat, extreme lighting, oxygen in the air, and physical interference.

There are multiple advantages that the cannabis trichomes function for the plants, and they are adored by many due to its capacity to hold cannabis compounds, which mainly responsible for its overall flavors, effects, and scent. The resin-filled by trichomes undergo breaking; it will generate a sticky oil within that makes up the buds’ stickiness consistency. When there are a numerous number of trichomes present, the more resin there will be. 

Cannabis Trichomes Varieties

When looked at from afar, trichomes are generally looked identical. However, opposing the assumptions, they actually have a variety of sizes and shapes in weird forms. According to research, trichomes have three different types, namely, the Bulbous, Capitate-stalked, and Capitate sessile.

Bulbous is considered to be the smallest trichomes that only measures approximately ten to fifteen micrometers. You can see this type of trichomes on the surface entirely on the plant, and it is impossible for you to see this with the naked eye.

The second-largest trichomes are the Capitate sessile and appear to resemble a mushroom structure with its stalk and head that seems to have a similarity. Compared to the Bulbous, this trichome is more abundant in number present in cannabis.

Lastly, the Capitate-stalked that is the largest among all cannabis trichomes and has the most abundant number present in a cannabis plant. According to research, this type of trichomes is approximate measures fifty to a hundred micrometers. This is the only trichomes that can be seen by the naked eyes, and it is the main functioning for producing cannabinoids and terpenes. 

Trichomes Affecting Cannabis Plants

Little as it may seem, but trichomes serve a big purpose in the whole process and value of cannabis plants. As believed by many, cannabis trichomes affect plants as a means to survive and finish off growing cycle. By nature, trichomes are not only limited to plants alone and even to cannabis alone. Even carnivorous types of plants are affected by trichomes through support in catching some prey.

With its presence, it affects the plant positively and make it more healthy and boost productivity when there are more trichomes present. It also affects plants to thrive without any problems against intrusive insects or animals that may harm the growth and life of the plants. The more there are cannabis trichomes present, the better it can defend itself from any risk.

The moment a cannabis plant starts to develop flowers, especially when grown in the wild, it becomes susceptible to many animals, insects, and even to some environmental factors, like UV rays, for instance. Cannabis trichomes affect the plant in a very reasonable way as it gives the plant the power to deter off any types of risks around. They do this by releasing unpleasant bitter taste and powerful scent leading to the protection of the plants. Apart from that, it fan can also affect the plants in a most favorable way since the trichomes help in eliminating the risk of UV rays and harmful wind.

On top of these, when the cannabis plant reaches maturity, the trichomes affect the plant by giving hints of when it is ready for harvest. They change colors in the head of the trichomes; this the best moment to harvest the plant because if not, it will only eventually degrade naturally. Although cannabis trichomes coloration displays vary from one strain to another, still trichomes remain to affect plants in terms of harvesting.

When the plants begin to develop trichomes, the synthesis of cannabinoids also commences. There will be more than a hundred of cannabinoids produced mainly the cannabinoids, which gives the cannabis the most used compounds like THC and CBD. This affects the plant’s capacity to interact with endocannabinoids that maintain the homeostasis functioning. 

With the help of cannabis trichomes, it affects the plant in enhancing its aroma and flavors through terpenes that assist in the equilibrium of entourage impacts. Also, the flavonoids of the trichomes affect the plant by altering its pigmentation, odor, and taste, which encourages different functions, especially in the health aspect of humans. 


Even though they do not occupy the whole plant, but cannabis trichomes serve the best purpose and one of the most important things in cannabis. It truly deserves a recognition of its ability and functions not only that it serves as the guardian angel of the plants, but also the capacity of providing outstanding and unique compounds for recreational and medical usage of humans.

With the growing cannabis trichomes farming, it will lead to the discovery of various mysteries in the capacity of cannabis in the field of medicine and treatment.

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