Cannabis Pests: Prevention and Remedy

cannabis pests

Pests are another problem that provides headaches to cannabis cultivators particularly cannabis pests, as there are lots of plagues, which can trouble our herbs. Handling with a pest infestation in the yard is an actual suffering Unluckily, every time a living object is included; there is permanently a possibility of contagion and infestation. If you opt to cultivate cannabis, you are as well prepared to welcome the possible dangers, which may be included in this procedure.

Whether you believe it or not, prevention is the simplest step to make your plants free from any pests. As such, when you have done the right preventive actions and are still encountering an undesirable upsurge, there are some techniques, which may be utilized to get rid of the natural cannabis pests, which troubled your cannabis plants. With that, in this post, we will give you the preventive ways that must be done to provide your herbs the healthiest beginning to live feasibly.

Cannabis Pests: The Most Common Pests

Though there is an enormous record of the kinds of insects and pests, which can trouble the cannabis plants similar to the majority of the plants, there is a small number of pests in particular, which appear to be to sometimes give troubles for cannabis cultivators. Listed below are some of the most natural unwanted cannabis pests:


Similar to spider mites, whiteflies also shroud directly below the marijuana foliage where they nurture themselves on nutrients that they get from the herbs. Also, whiteflies appear to be like tiny white moths with small yellow figures and they are easy to identify because when you joggle the plant, it is feasible to perceive the matured ones winging around.

These minuscule flies layout illnesses instantly from one herb to another and ruin the foliage as well as the other sections of the plant, debilitating its entire health. With that, they are an actual annoyance to cannabis cultivators and necessitate to be removed once the existence is perceived. 

Fungus Gnats

Fungus Gnats are the small black bugs, which you can often perceive creeping around the loam and nearing the base of the cannabis plants. Also, Fungus Gnats are not pleasurable though they do not physically devour the crop or any of its equivalent. These annoying pests can make the radicle ruin and can result in the plants being weakened because of impoverished loam drainage that possibly can result in extreme vulnerability to damage, illness, and infestation. Additionally, these pests love to reside in wet soil and that is the reason why marijuana sometimes offers an ideal place for them to prosper.


Aphids may be highly devastating to various kinds of plants and cannabis is not exempted from that. To identify this insect, just look for 1 to 10 millimeters and green insect, however, they can sometimes be red, white, and black. They sometimes go around on the foliage and stalks of cannabis crops and they devour on the herb, which is the ground why foliage becomes droop and curl and turns yellow or die totally.

Moreover, aphids are daring insects for several cannabis growers, however, just similar to other pests on the record, aphids can be averted and pulled off completely by having another dynamic action in advance as well as using some useful tricks. 

Spider Mites

Certainly considered as one of the natural pests that affect marijuana plants, spider mites appear as red or black small creatures, sometimes below 1 millimeter in measurement, and stay underneath the foliage and revolve their ill-famed webs where a lot of unlucky growers have had the annoyance of noticing. These nuisance pests can be disastrous for marijuana plants, which ruin the plant cells and changing the foliage to yellow, drooped, and even dead. These pests can as well affect the number of yields, impeding the cultivation of cannabis plants, and obstructing the growth of shoots.

Cannabis Pests: Ways for Prevention

The first way to keep away from any fully developed infestation is to have all the needed preventive actions if you are beginning your garden. When you are a novice to the cannabis industry, getting ready the space of your garden is an important section of the cultivating procedure and must not be put off for a long time since it can result in some nuisance or possibility of ruining the scenes in the long run. Below are some of the preventive measures you can have to be as energetic as possible in evading a pest in your cannabis plant.

Secure Your Surrounding

The greatest step to evade any feasible pest issues is by beginning out with a safe surrounding for the plants to prosper. When you are selecting to grow your crops indoors, this will not be very hard. Indoor areas are normally somehow isolated from the environment outside and using a highly regarded grow tent of some kind can advance make this solicitous barricade. Grow tents can as well be utilized for those who are cultivating outdoors because they also manufactured a secured area, which keeps safe not just in case of bugs but also to other components that can affect cannabis plants. Additionally, there are two points to take into consideration if selecting the greatest surrounding for the crops; how simple is the area to clean and how secluded and secured is the surrounding.

Maintaining the Cleanliness of the Garden

When you already have your secured barricade to make your crops keep from harm, accurate cleaning and sanitation measures must be done. Oftentimes, pests can affix to clothing as well as other objects going inside the garden. With that, having a pair of washed clothes and shoes around your growing environment to alter every time you get inside there can assist you to prevent any feasible upsurge. Moreover, always manage your plants with gloves and other solicitous gear. Lastly, disinfect all the materials and devices you utilized in handling your plants, sprinkling them with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide would be great.

Choosing the Best Cultivating Medium

Oftentimes the cultivating medium obtainable to buy can provide several insects, pests, and other unwanted guests. The greatest medium for preventing pests is the one with hydroponic variations, so when you plan to cultivate your crops hydroponically, you are fortunate. Objects such as clay shots, rock wool, and the shingle will fundamentally never have a step to invite any insect connected problems, however, for those who plan to cultivate their plants in a loam medium, this is the moment when things can be a bit trickier. 

Cannabis Pests: The Remedy

Mentioned above are the most natural insects or pests that influence cannabis plants, this time let us know the remedy or how to get rid of the said cannabis pests especially when you come about to have an infestation and thus far have done the preventive actions you can have. 


The greatest method to remedy whiteflies is to trim your cannabis crops and hose them. Pulling off the dead or ruined foliage and providing them a robust drenching with water can assist to get rid of whiteflies. You may as well utilize the common technique of counterpart planting, however, it requires to be completed in cooperation with the growing of the cannabis plants. Also, through cultivating marigolds and zinnia beside your marijuana plants may probably let the whiteflies keep away from your plants since they are two of the plants that the majority of the pests hate.

Additionally, it is feasible to sprinkle your crops with a natural blend of garlic oil, or a mixture of 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil and a gallon of aqua. If you wish to apply this method, just sprinkle your plants twice every week and have an assurance to sprinkle underneath the foliage up until you cannot perceive the existence of whiteflies. Also, it is important to make your cultivating space well ventilated and not that warm. These pests like hot and humid environment wherein they can prosper. As such, if the surrounding is at the proper temperature and washed, the less probably it is to have the possibility of these insects to exist.

Fungus Gnats

Since fungus gnats require wet loam to prosper, the greatest method to keep away from them is by making the top surface of the loam as dry as plausible. Another method to handle these insects is to put a cloth above your loam that prevents the matured the ability to produce more eggs since they require the moisture loam to act it out. Also, it is better to have an assurance that your area has a barricade that comprises of keeping any close by windows, doors, and tent zippers shut down always.


Similar to whiteflies, the combination of garlic oil also assists to combat aphids. It is great to start by trimming the leaves, which ruined or laboriously taken over with the aphids, instantly killing them and putting them away from healthy crops. Then, water the herbs down. Lastly, continue the watering with the use of the mixture of garlic oil or a vinegar and water medium that the aphids do not like. Also, by putting ladybugs in the surrounding can persuade the aphids to keep away. Ladybugs love to devour aphids, in reality, they certainly love them, and so these useful small creatures are not just pretty and cute, but as well of great advantage to the cannabis plants.

Spider Mites

In a surprising way, pesticides and chemical mediums do badly in the prevention of spider mites. With that, the great step to remove these strange pests is via organic techniques. Start by trimming away ruined sections of the crops and having a cautious manner in pulling off any webs, which may have been made by the spider mites. When it is completed, slowly water the cannabis crops that will help with removing several of the pests. With a 9:1 proportion blend of water and alcohol, provide your crops a significant sprinkle, have an assurance to attain the medium at the bottom side of the leaves. Do this every 2 to 3 days or if it is vital and check the stature of the plants every day to know how the blend is doing.

Final Notion on the Prevention and Remedy of Cannabis Pests

Anyone who is entering to the cannabis growing scenario must know that cannabis plants do necessitate somehow a little of planning and conservation, especially the weed that is strictly well-known as the simplest to handle with, however, with the exact idea, information, and learning, the safekeeping, and maintenance required to make the plants as healthy as plausible can change an easy task, which is of second ability.

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