Cannabis for Treating Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal cord injury comes with symptoms like loss of sensation and motor functioning, etc. Usually, spinal cord injuries are prescribed with medications but have some side effects. No one treatment actually will successfully manage the symptoms except marijuana. Medical marijuana has been used to control and manage the symptoms of spinal cord injury. It is not the cure to the problem but an effective and safe treatment for the symptoms.

People with spinal cord injury who use marijuana claim that they have felt better after using weed. A lot of people have been using marijuana for spinal cord injury (prescribed and not).

Here are some of the benefits of marijuana for spinal cord injury treatment

1. Spasticity

CBD has been found to be an effective component of marijuana agains spasticity and are currently being studied further. It casuses relaxing effects which can make people with spinal cord injury feel better.

2. Pain

Marijuana is a good pain reliever and most often spinal cord patients experience pain. With marijuana, pain can be controlled.

3. Sleeping Problems

Since spinal cord patients experience from sleeping problems, marijuana can help.

4. Bladder control

Marijuana can help control this symptom.

5. Depression

Marijuana is an anti-depressant so this is very effective in control this symptom of spinal cord injury.

Is marijuana expensive?

Yes it is if you buy medical marijuana buds. But if you grow your own marijuana plant then it isn’t and you can save a lot of money for it. You will have a full control of your own marijuana supply and it won’t cost you a lot.

Where to order marijuana seeds for growing?

You can order marijuana seeds from us and you can grow your own marijuana plants for treating your conditions.

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