Buying Cannabis Seeds Online vs. Offline in Saskatchewan

People in Saskatchewan have two options to go for whenever they want to buy cannabis seeds, tinctures, etc. They can do business with either an online seed bank or a local dispensary. Which is the better and most convenient option?

Buying Cannabis Seeds Online

This option is better for some reasons. First, buying marijuana seeds online in Saskatchewan is better than buying offline because you can save more when you do. You can take advantage of the discounts, free shipping, or any other special offering from a trusted seed bank online.

Second, you can be sure of the quality for as long as you choose a reliable seller. You might be able to visit personally their office, but a seed bank with a good reputation will never disappoint you. Even if you can’t touch the seeds before you buy, rest assured that the seeds shipped to you will arrive fresh and tightly sealed. Of course, you will receive quality, healthy seeds that will eventually grow into healthy and happy plants.

Third, buying weed seeds online ensures your security and privacy. A good seed bank will send to you the seeds in a discreet, properly sealed package. Its content will remain a secret between you and the seller.

Buying Cannabis Seeds at a Local Dispensary

Unlike buying them online, getting your seeds from a local dispensary seems to be faster and more convenient. All you just have to do is drive the car, talk to the budtender, and go home with the seeds. Also, the price can be as good as the pricing in online sellers.

However, expect that your choices of seeds will be quite limited. Compared to online seed banks, local dispensaries may not carry the rarest cannabis seeds. Instead, they will focus on the most popular and best-selling indica, sativa, or hybrid strains. Also, your privacy can become a concern if you buy weed from a local dispensary.


Buying cannabis seeds online is undeniably a much better option, right? You will be happy with your purchase, especially if you prefer a recommended online seed company.

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