How Much Do Cannabis Seeds Cost in Ontario?

If you’ve purchased seeds for a flower bed or vegetable garden, you may be surprised at how pricey a single marijuana seed costs. Yes, you read it right.

Cannabis is truly expensive. One marijuana seed costs $7 to $20. The price for just one seed of marijuana is already heavy in the pocket. How about getting 3 to 4 seeds? Your purchase can be almost $100.

The answer is quite related to supply and demand. Farmers produce and use cannabis seeds on a huge scale. It took more to produce, and supply weed and marijuana seeds. As more and more online seed banks began growing marijuana at a big scale, you will see the costs of seeds going down.

Since every cannabis seed is expensive, you have to be extra careful in cultivation. Do not forget to germinate your seeds. Also, you must properly plant them. If you missed one crucial step, you lose the seeds which means you lose $80. Worse, you also lose the chance to cultivate a good amount of weed throughout the next 2 to 3 months.

Is There a Chance to Get Cannabis Seeds at a Little Cheap Cost?

Yes, the cannabis sellers in Ontario, both online and offline, have learned that people are always looking for a chance to get some cannabis seeds at a cheaper cost. With that, these companies started to offer mix packs that contain different strains of cannabis.

Also, they offer special offers and discounts, especially for loyal customers. Keep in mind that these money-saving opportunities may not be always available. Therefore, you should do your homework first and talk to the online seed bank where you plan to get your seeds from. If you’re lucky to find a special offer available at the moment, then don’t think twice to grab it.

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