Popular Cannabis Strains to Buy in Nunavut

If it’s your first time to buy cannabis in Nunavut, you may want to know first what you can get and enjoy. The good thing is that weed is widely available all over Canada. You will find a wide variety of weed, whether you choose to buy from a local dispensary or an online seed bank.

Top Sativa Strains to Buy

  • Northern Lights – though this cannabis strain comes with an autoflowering variant, the regular variant will still offer you a good amount of buds in every harvest time. Northern Lights is a famous fast-growing indica strain with natural resistance to mold and pests.
  • Easy Bud – it is an autoflowering strain combined with the indica strains. Easy Bud offers toned-down indica effects and bountiful yield.
  • Royal Cheese – it’s an indica-dominant strain known for its capability to grow taller than other cannabis strains. When cultivated outdoors, the height of the Royal Cheese can be as high as 2 ½ meters. Also, this marijuana strain may smell pungent that makes it even more attention-grabbing. So, it is best to grow indoors, especially if you have curious neighbors.
  • Blue Dream – if you are looking for a beautiful cannabis strain with a stronger sativa side, this strain will be for you. Blue Dream is among the easiest-to-grow cannabis sativa strains. It also contains more THC than other sativa strains. Blue Dream is extremely popular, especially to hydroponic growers.
  • White Widow – this one is an indica-dominant hybrid strain. It grows tall, so it can surely yield more in every harvest time. When it comes to THC content, White Widow can have as much as 25%.

There could be more cannabis strains available in the Canadian-based local dispensaries. However, online seed banks can offer more in terms of variety. So, it is best to shop for weed online if you want to know more cannabis strains – both the popular ones and those with names you’ve never heard before.

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