Buying Marijuana in Nova Scotia – How to Choose Your Seeds?

When you begin shopping for cannabis seeds in Nova Scotia, you might find yourself stunned with the choice. Surely, you may want to feminized auto seeds. However, you still have many things to consider before you can pick a package and hit the “buy” button.

You can shop for cannabis seeds based on the following factors:


Weed is available in different forms and strains. If you’ve chosen a specific strain, then you will mostly find seeds for that strain through the web. Since the seed banks can see just one or two seeds at a time, you can purchase seeds of different strains and grow them as your 4 house plants.

Cannabidiol and Medical Varieties

If you’re using cannabis just for therapeutic purposes, then you may likely find a strain suitable for your intended use through the web, too. A lot of medical varieties contain more CBD and minimal to zero THC percentage. You can buy these medical marijuana strains even without a medical card. Thus, if you’re looking for high CBD strain, get your seeds online instead.

Easy to Cultivate

Not all people are into gardening. However, growing cannabis in the comfort of your home might change your mind regarding planting weed seeds. If it will be your first time to grow cannabis plants from seeds, then you should look for those easy-to-grow strains of weed.

Some marijuana strains are more sensitive than others. Certain factors such as high temperatures and too much humidity will instantly kill them.

Fortunately, more and more online seed companies and even local dispensaries carry a huge number of cannabis strains with autoflowering abilities and a strong immunity against the harsh environmental factors. Some cannabis strains take only 6 to 7 weeks to mature and flower while others take up to 12 weeks for the same process.

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