Buy Feminized Cannabis Seeds in Northwest Territories

It won’t be long before you begin to see ads for “feminized” seeds. What does it mean? Why does your cannabis seeds need to be feminized?

What’s the Truth About Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

You do not need to buy feminized seeds. However, if you are looking to plant seeds and smoke the results, then your experience might not be good with the non-feminized seeds. There are two types of marijuana plants: male and female.
The male plants produce seed pods which you can use in producing more plants. Female seeds produce buds that will eventually change into flowers. These buds are the portion of the plant that you should harvest and smoke. The male cannabis plants will not produce buds.

If your purpose for purchasing cannabis seeds in Northwest Territories is to harvest and collect buds, then your cannabis seeds should be 100% females. Also, female cannabis plants tend to produce higher amounts of THC, CBD, and other crucial cannabinoids, unlike male plants.
Like humans, it is difficult to tell if the plant will be a male or a female. You can’t make a good judgment by just looking at the seed.

No one will ever want to spend $20 on cannabis seeds only to find that they are not suitable for smoking. This is why many of the cannabis seed producers in Northwest Territories feminize their seeds. With this process, all of your seeds will be females and will yield buds.

If you want to grow more seeds across the year without having to spend a lot for the seeds, then you should opt for a package that contains a mix of male and female cannabis seeds. If not, you’ll get feminized seeds. Although the chances are 50/50, you may feel a bit cheated if you spend months to plant only to learn that you can’t smoke them.

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