What is the Best Weed for Sleep?

best weed for sleep

Do you use marijuana for a specific reason? What is your purpose of using marijuana? There are many ways in which you can use weed. You can use cannabis for medical purposes or even for recreational purposes. Whatever your way of using the weed, you have to know more about the weed you are going to use. 

Through this article, you will be able to know the best weed for sleep. Hence, if you have a problem with sleeping and you are looking for a weed that could solve your problem, then this article might help you with that. Let us now find out what the best weed for sleep is and let us know a brief description of it. 

Best Weed for Sleep: Brief Description and Definition

You need to know the description of the weed that you are using. By that, you will be able to meet your expectation as well as your purpose about what weed to use. If you have a hard time to sleep, then you can use cannabis for that. You just have to figure out which the best weed for sleep is.  

The trouble of sleeping can be a really serious problem. However, you can use marijuana for alleviating it. It can give you a good sleep. In this article, you will be able to know some lists of good weed to use for sleeping. However, the first thing you should do is to know some things in choosing a strain. Here are the lists of some important things to remember:

  • Those strains that are THC are said to be very effective when it comes to providing a good sleep. However, those strains should be suitable for you and it should not give the not so good adverse reactions. 
  • If you have trouble sleeping because of anxiety, then you need to be careful with the high THC strains. Taking THC strains lightly will result in a night of good sleep, however, when you take it with higher dosages, then it might make your anxiety worse. You can try some strains that are CBD high if THC strain is not good for you. 
  • Cannabis edibles help provide you a longer sleep. When you inhale weed, it will provide an effect that will kick in fast. However, when you use edibles, then the effects will last long. 

Lists of strains for sleeping

In finding a strain, you have to try it a bit and you should know the types of strains that are good for you and your body. Here are the lists of good strains that you can try:

  • Tahoe OG Kush Strain

It is a THC dominant weed. This strain is good for those patients who are suffering from insomnia. If you consume this cannabis through vaporizing or smoking it, then you will expect a fast effect. It is a good strain for muscle relaxation that will eventually lead you to sleep. 

This is also a largely THC cannabis. This is a classic strain that is very good for sleeping and it is also an easy strain that you can find. It has a great myrcene level, which is a component that can provide effects that are relaxing. This weed can also be used for alleviating anxiety as well as pain. You can expect a grape at the same time berry flavors of this strain. 

  • God’s Gift Strain

It is THC dominant marijuana. It can be a very good strain for those who are suffering from insomnia and those things that keep you awake during the night. It can provide a fragrance of citrus as well as a berry. It will surely provide you a good sleep. 

  • Sweet and Sour Widow Strain

This weed has balanced CBD as well as THC. For some, those strains with high THC can be very helpful in providing a good sleep. However, for others that are sensitive to THC, those strains are not good. Therefore, you can consider trying a CBD strain just like sweet and sour widow strain. The CBD compound helps curb the effect of paranoia or other not so good negative effects, while the THC compound will make you feel drowsy. 

It is a kind of THC dominant weed. This weed is a kind of old school marijuana that can lead you to a night of good sleep. Due to its high THC levels, it can be a good way of alleviating insomnia as well as pain. 

  • Ogre Strain

This weed is THC dominant marijuana. If you are suffering from insomnia, then you can use this weed to alleviate it. The taste of this marijuana is sweet at the same time citrus. It has some sedative effects and it will make your experience a good sleep as well. 

  • 9 Pound Hammer Strain

This marijuana is a largely THC strain. If you can’t sleep because you have insomnia, then this weed is a good way to break off that insomnia you have. You have to expect of getting the flavors of berry, grapes, and fruity flavor. 

  • Remedy Strain

Unlike the above-mentioned cannabis, this one is a CBD dominant strain. You will not be able to get the THC compound from this weed. It is a good weed if you are not into getting high from THC. It can be a good strain for sleeping as it can relieve pain, stress, anxiety, and some other signs of insomnia. 


If you are into searching for the best weed to sleep, you have to try some other weed first for you to know which one is suitable for you. You must remember those things that you should take note of in choosing the perfect weed for you. 

In alleviating insomnia or other troubles of sleeping, there are some strains listed above. The best one should be based on your preference as well. The above lists have some THC strains as well as CDB strains. Most THC strains are good at providing a good sleep. If you do not want to get high, then you can choose those CBD strains that are good for sleeping.

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