Northern Lights x Cream Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Northern Lights x Cream Autoflower Marijuana Seeds is a balanced cannabis strain with high THC and cool automatic qualities. It is a small and compact strain, perfect for growing stealthily indoors and will bloom early with earthy and sweet-flavored buds. It is a creative, relaxing, and uplifting strain perfect for depression, migraines, and stress.

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More About Northern Lights x Cream Autoflower

Earthy Caramel Cannabis

Northern Lights x Creamy belongs to the auto-flowering category of one of the famous strains around the world, which are the Northern Lights. It was blended with a Cream Auto, which is known to have a sweet and fruity flavor auto-flowering category that rewards an extra layer of resinous buds. It has a balance THC content about 14 to 18 percent level that is loved by most consumers due to its earthy aftertaste that also delivers an intense effect after smoking.

Beginners or experienced growers may find this as an adequate harvest plant without any struggle demand that is sometimes faced by cannabis cultivators. Growing this auto-flowering strain just required a usual TLC. It grows about 3 feet tall and can be raised in almost any given environment without catching anyone’s attention.

Cultivating indoors, it usually grows fast and stable that definitely grows in a simple and well-balanced growth. You may raise them into the balcony, secrecy growing box, or even among other plants in your garden. Growing this strain must require a small space for each other so that they get good air circulation. With just nine weeks after its germination, you can receive up to 450 grams of buds every square meter.

This strain also prefers to grow outdoors, which does have a warmer temperature. But you may keep a close eye on it due to the unpredictable climate that possibly gives a mild risk. If all goes well, this auto-flowering must produce a hefty 150 grams of gluey buds that can be harvested in every plant.


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