Critical x Mazar Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Critical x Mazar Autoflower Marijuana Seeds is an automatic indica-dominant cannabis strain. It is a small plant, only 90 cm tall but can produce up to 400 grams per square meter indoors and up to 200 grams per plant outdoors. This strain is calming, creative, uplifting, and relaxing, ideal for the relief of depression, migraines, arthritis, insomnia, anxiety, and pain.

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More About Critical x Mazar Autoflower 

Indica-dominant Small Auto Cannabis Strain

This mostly Indica strain offers both reliefs from stress and pain, making it a top pick for both medicinal and recreation uses. Critical x Mazar Autoflower has about 0.3 percent of BD plus 17 to 20 percent of THC levels, the ingredients to its de-stressing, and healing properties. Despite being a small plant type, it has quite a sturdy structure to support itself, plus it can also withstand the cool climate.

For those who prefer to keep it indoors, give the plant some extra room to stretch out its branches while it begins to bear flowers and later on buds. It also needs warmth and exposure to light to be productive. The Sea of Green setup plus hydroponics and coco fibers in the soil can improve yield quantity and quality as well. Although it can also survive outdoors, Critical X Mazar naturally bears more buds when in a controlled setting.

The strain also has a quick flowering period at about 6 to 8 weeks, and you can harvest right after. Per square meter, the plant rewards an average of 400 grams of yield, and in an outdoor setting, it only yields 100 to 200 grams per plant.


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