Gorilla Bomb Strain Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Insanely sticky Gorilla Bomb Strain is one of the strains that has received the most attention recently and is also one of the strongest. We gave this type the full Bomb treatment because it has a ton of resin and a wonderful, sour piney fragrance. Enjoy a unique experience when you purchase Gorilla Bomb Strain Marijuana Seeds here at Crop King Seeds, this will be a staple to your day.

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Additional Information

Strain Profile Info

Parents: Gorilla Glue x THC Bomb
Dominant: Sativa
Flowering Time: 9 to 10 weeks
CBD Content: 0.00%
THC Content: 26-31%
Growing Difficulty: Medium

What is Gorilla Bomb Strain?

Gorilla Bomb Strain, an unique hybrid strain with a 60% sativa/40% indica ratio, was produced by mating the notorious THC Bomb with a Gorilla Glue  phenotype. Get ready for a powerful high with Gorilla Bomb Strain that roars into your body and mind with a hard-hitting potency due to its extremely high 26-31% average THC percentage. Your brain experiences the initial explosion of the Gorilla Bomb Strain high, sending it into an uplifted, energized state that shifts in and out of focus. At this time, your body will begin to enter a deeply relaxed, tingling condition that swiftly becomes tranquil and renders you helplessly couch-locked for hours on end.

Gorilla Bomb Strain is frequently used to treat individuals with diseases including chronic pain, mood swings, muscle cramps or spasms, depression, chronic exhaustion, and chronic stress because of these effects. Users claim that it makes them extremely joyful, euphoric, and chatty. However, it is also capable of producing a mild feeling of couch-lock. When you want to relax and spend time with friends in the late afternoon or early evening, this marijuana is an excellent choice to smoke.

Growing Information of Gorilla Bomb Strain

Gorilla Bomb Strain has been carefully bred over many years to be a thriving plant, so home gardeners may be pleasantly pleased to discover how simple she can be to grow. This variety grows well both inside and outdoors, however for particular instructions, you might want to consult a more knowledgeable gardener. Those who prefer to grow her inside will see results after 9 to 10 weeks of love and care; plants normally reach a medium height when completely grown.

How to Grow Gorilla Bomb Strain

Growers will notice that the buds are pouring with very sticky resin throughout the 9–10 week flowering period. For its ability to stick things together, this plant was chosen and cultivated. Chunky nugs will weigh 400–550g/m2 for indoor growers. When the October harvest arrives, outdoor gardeners should anticipate Gorilla Bomb Strain to explode with very ripe blooms.

Medical Benefits of Gorilla Bomb Strain

Gorilla Bomb Strain is reportedly used to cure conditions including weariness, cramping in the muscles, and lack of sleep. However, it might result in headaches and mouth dryness, so controlling your dosages is crucial.

Strain Aroma

– As the nugs are burnt, a strong, earthy scent with a deep pine overtone, fresh diesel, and chocolate are released.

Strain Flavor

– This flower exhales sweetly and has a delicious chocolate diesel flavor.

Strain Appearance

Gorilla Bomb Strain buds are fluffy, little spade-shaped olive green nugs covered in a thick frosty layer of tiny white crystal trichomes and dark amber hairs.


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