CBD White Widow Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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CBD White Widow Feminized Marijuana Seeds is a mostly-indica cannabis strain with high CBD at 10 percent and only 1 percent THC. It is a high yielder and can flower earlier at just 6 to 8 weeks. It is a calming, creative, relaxing, and focused strain ideal for the relief of anxiety, arthritis, inflammation, migraines, pain, insomnia, and stress.

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Fruity Flavor Mind Controller

CBD White Widow cannabis strain has a lot of great features; one of its popular qualities is the excellent resin production. It is a mostly Sativa strain that commonly produces an impressive cannabis plant that has a majestic crystal layering.  Its high CBD at 10 percent and only 1 percent THC, and it is easy to grow the plant for those who are seeking high-quality CBD White Widow genetics with these therapeutic benefits.

CBD White Widow produces an impressive number of compact buds and can thrive in indoor and outdoor conditions. Growing outdoors with good weather conditions can yield as much as 275grams per plant. This plant can reach a height of 18 to 36 inches tall indoors, and outdoor height can reach up to 2 feet tall because it can stretch and produce more long branches.

The buds of CBD White Widow can develop to a big size making it required to install some support to provide the branches extra support. This plant can also tolerate cooler temperatures as long as it does not drop for up to 10°C below. This cannabis plant can grow even beginners or with those growers who have a little growing experience, and they surely received great success. Its flowering period lasts for only 7 to 8 weeks indoors, while outdoor harvesting usually falls by the mid-month of October.

1 review for CBD White Widow Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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    Happy vibes, buzzing in the belly and soaring in the mind. I just finished a large bowl of this and was totally stoned. It was a surprisingly relaxing strain that got me high real quick and lasted for a few hours. I’m in desperate need of a pizza LOL, she makes me super hungry. However, I enjoy growing this weed because it smells like that of a pine forest, and it will make my entire room smell like the woods and has sour earthy taste. It makes some great buds in just 10 weeks, yielding about 450 grams per plant. Awesome! i’ll buy again.

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