Auto CBD Ratio Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Auto CBD Ratio Feminized Marijuana Seeds is a strain with very high CBD content at 30 percent with only 1 percent THC. This is a small plant only 100 cm high but can produce up to 500 grams per square meter indoors and up to 500 grams per plant outdoors.

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A Surprising Cannabis Strain

Cultivating CBD Ratio is a fuss-free endeavor capable even for novices. The THC level of this strain is 0.2-0.4 percent, and CBD is 22 percent. You don’t have to worry when planting it, because it can grow indoors without any difficulties. Moreover, this Auto CBD Ratio is resistant to molds, diseases, pathogens, and harsh weather conditions. This cannabis plant can survive in both outdoor and sheltered settings.

When it comes to the best care, it delivers amazingly compact colas cover with lots of gluey trichomes. This Auto CBD Ration challenges constant pruning to the airflow and light penetration in the lower-branches by using this compact and dense bud structure. It also increases your harvests by the growth and development of multiple budding sites with enough light source exposure.

It is a delegate to subject the plant to prevent stress, such as topping and the Screen of Green technique. In choosing for hydroponics as the substance is also a perfect way of bringing dynamic growth.  You can also expose this cannabis plant up to 20 hours to 600-watt LED or HPS grow lamps; then, you may expect to harvest about 500 grams of trichome-rich buds each square meter after nine weeks of flowering. This strain correctly improves CBD Ratio buds emanating a penetrating scent of pines and fresh woods. On using it smoke, you may taste leaves that stay after a couple of hours.

3 reviews for Auto CBD Ratio Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Dave Patrick

    This is astonishing! Every time I purchase strain I always end up not having satisfaction. When I bought Auto CBD Ratio Feminized Marijuana my life has changed. As I start to cultivate it, I enjoy each time when its buds sprout and leaves grow for just 9 weeks. I even kept some picture to shoe my friends when we see each other. In its 100cm height, it can offer me 500g+ of yield! This is type of plant is also resistant to infestation, good for outdoor growing just like what I did. After the harvest I tried some to consume and it was promising! Woody and piney flavor can be felt. I told my friends to try this one and be a witness by its gentle cerebral effects!

  2. Leone Oli

    The arrival of the 20 packs of seeds of the Auto CBD Ratio Feminized Marijuana seeds was absolutely on time. I’ve cultivated a pack already and they’ve sprouted after just a few days. So happy with how sturdy yet very easy to maintain the plants are. I’m now waiting for harvest day and I can’t wait! Thanks for these high-CBD, quality seeds Crop King Seeds!

  3. Layla

    Recently purchased 10 seeds pack of Auto CBD Ratio Feminized Marijuana Seeds to run a couple of small indoor rounds. I’ve grown high CBD strains in the past but never a specifically CBD strain with a profile like this. Germinated 2 seeds and both popped within 24 hours. They are currently about 6 inches tall in half-gallon cloth pots and look stunningly beautiful. Excited about its growth progress. Can’t wait to run a big round of these outdoors next year. You are the best Crop King Seeds for making this available!

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