Asexual Marijuana Seeds, Do They Exist?

Usually, most marijuana plants are produced sexually in which the male plant’s pollen fertilizes the female plant’s thus resulting into a new plant. However, there are some methods which could help in producing marijuana plants, though in an asexual manner. Talking about asexual propagation, the method is done through the means of cloning or taking cuttings. Well, most growers of marijuana plants coined asexual propagation as cloning, and is done once the branches are extracted from the selected donor cannabis.

Do asexual marijuana seeds exist?

As obvious as the method of asexual propagation or cloning seems, the presence of asexual marijuana seeds is definitely possible as well. You might ask yourself – where do these asexual marijuana seeds come from? To make matters a lot easier, take this for example. Marijuana plants which are produced through the normal sexual propagation method produces normal marijuana seeds. Hence, it would simply mean that asexual marijuana seeds are produced from plants which have undergone asexual propagation or cloning.

What benefits do asexual propagation or cloning provides? 

The method of cloning actually provides a lot of great advantages to marijuana growers. First of all, it allows them to have an almost continuous supply of female plants which is done through the use of clones, meaning that the grower himself could have a constant supply of healthy female marijuana plants. Considering that a clone has the accurate genetic makeup of its parent plant, you can assure that it could grow healthy as long as the parent itself is healthy.

Second, the process of cloning could provide you with a sea of green from the single plant alone, which is the reason why most growers prefer such method for growing large crops. Lastly, cloning could decrease the growth development of the plant significantly. In fact, once a clone reaches 12 inches, it will then begin to flower almost immediately.

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